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The Law Offices of Ramiro J. Lluis have been serving the greater Los Angeles area for over 30 years.


The firm has been providing services in the Criminal and Immigration area of the law.  The office has been downtown and near the main courthouses in the same location for those same 30 years.

los angeles warrant recall lawyers

Contact the Law Offices of Ramiro J. Lluis for a free consultation about you or your loved one’s case.


  • Mr. Lluis has been representing clients in criminal actions for nearly 30 years and has represented Immigrants for over 25 years.   As an experienced attorney in both areas of the law. 
  • Mr. Lluis has become invaluable to his clients, especially in Los Angeles where many of our clients have Immigration status.
  • Mr. Lluis and his staff are fluent in both the English and Spanish languages. 


For more information about our services and the options in your case, please call our office and schedule a free consultation.
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